When: Third Monday of Every Month29339322613_469ccd1ca2_o
Where: Missouri 4-H State Office Building, Room 160
Time: 5:00 PM
Dues: none currently

The purpose of the organization shall be:

  • To provide the opportunity to continue or begin involvement in 4-H.
  • To develop leadership ability in each member.
  • To socialize and network through club events and involvement on the regional and national level.
  • To volunteer through the coordination of community service for the University of Missouri, the city of Columbia, Boone County, and the state of Missouri.
  • To give back to the Missouri 4-H program as a partner of the 4-H Center for Youth Development in carrying out state 4-H events.
  • To educate current Missouri 4-H members through the creation and facilitation of workshops.

1 Response to Home

  1. Dear Mizzou 4-H,

    As an alum passionate for 4-H and the community you serve, rock on! You continue to make me proud–keep carrying on the tradition of giving back to the program that made us who we are! 🙂

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